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DBW Metals Recycling is a California Redemption Center certified by the State of California. We service all of the publics needs for beverage container recycling, such as Aluminum Cans, Plastic Beverage Containers, Glass Beverage Bottles,(cans, glass, plastic). This includes full payment of the CRV and the highest scrap value. Your one stop location for Aluminum Cans, Glass and Plastic beverage containers. Print our Coupon for extra incentives on all recycling items including Aluminum Cans. Our clean and attractive center helps make your recycling efforts much easier. You do the loading and we'll do the unloading.

DBW is a consolidated scrap metal dealer and metal recycler, operating both yard and warehouse operations from its 3.5 acre concreted facility in Anaheim, California, USA. Our modern facility is the largest in the region. We began business in 1981, and have since grown to become a scrap metal recycling industry leader in Southern California. We are now one of the major scrap metal suppliers to the Pacific Rim with over $200 Million dollars in annual sales. DBW processes large quantities of high quality material to be quickly and easily packaged into overseas containers for delivery according to our customers' specification. Through years of business DBW Metals Recycling has become well networked throughout the southwestern United States in order to serve our customers with quality recycled scrap metal at competitive prices. Our sources for scrap metal include other recycling dealers from all over the southwest United States, industrial accounts (that as a by-product produce scrap metal for recycling), small peddlers, manufacturing facilities, government installations and small service businesses from the surrounding communities such as plumbing and electrical contractors, that produce scrap metal by-products.


Our staff has many years of experience in the scrap industry with all key employees having over 20 years experience and our President Mr. Williams, a fourth generation scrap dealer, has accumulated more than 35 years of experience in the scrap metal industry. DBW has also been a member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) for over 20 years. David B. Williams served as ISRI Chapter President from 1997 to 1999. Our years of experience have taught us how to do business with the Pacific Rim both effectively and efficiently. Our staff is trained to address the needs of customers in the Asian metal market. Our organization has developed internal procedures that expedite shipping and delivery to our customers. DBW is capable of arranging all transportation, with various types of payment, and freight forwarding details for our customers. This includes all procedures pertinent to completing overseas sales accurately and on time. We quickly prepare and ship containers of high quality metal customized specifically for each of our customers.


DBW considers the quality of its product to be paramount and therefore we send all material through a rigorous four point inspection process prior to shipment. Annually, we process more than 100 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap metal through our quality assurance procedures by subjecting received material to visual, spark, and acid testing as well as various forms of mechanical analysis. All bales are tagged with a tear-proof TYVEK tag indicating bale weight, commodity and a tracking number. In addition to having a feeder yard network (see our other locations), DBW buys material from many West Coast suppliers and all material is evaluated and packaged according to higher West Coast standards. DBW has been registered with the China AQSIQ since January 2005.

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